Sunday 26th of January 2020

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Ferretti dell'Oleificio of history are soaked splendid expanses of olive groves of Villa Ferretti, one of the hills that surround Atri, Abruzzo village a few kilometers from the beautiful beaches of the Sea Adriatic and the mountain peaks of the Gran Sasso d'Italia. The Oleificio Ferretti was born in 1918 thanks to the Ferretti family that, with determination, enthusiasm and passion, has Founded a small family Frantoio is intended to become a solid manufacturing. Il Frantoio, in fact, focusing on ambitious targets and arming of a commitment absolute, constant and patient, has followed an evolutionary path which led to achieving a harmonious oil that keeps the flavors most authentic atriane hills. The secret of its excellent quality and contained in the experience, the passion and love that have been passed by the Family Ferretti for three generations, until you come to our day: the innovative spirit, combined with respect for tradition, Today marks the Oleificio Ferretti who, while finding new ways to satisfy their customers, wants to firmly defend the its essence and preserve the heritage of culture, taste, style and story for years is its point of strength. The oil mill produces several lines of brand products and its quality: the oil, a real treasure gastronomico, the organic olive oil, the result of accurate biological controls; DOP extra-virgin olive oil, produced unique and whose identity geographical area is guaranteed by Protected Designation of Origin; oil a tin extra, tasty product and widely appreciated, the oil aromatic condiment, in its variants with lemon, rosemary, the red pepper and parsley, which emphasize the harmony of the products Ferretti dell'Oleificio with modern expressions culinary and olive paté for bruschetta, a delicious new food that can transform in simple preparations succulent dishes. All products dell'Oleificio Ferretti can be defined "Unique", try to believe ...